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The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Welcome To The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis

My name is Ryan McCormick, Host & Executive Producer of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Our show is about introspection and exploring consciousness in a fun way.

If Science & Mysticism got married OLIT would be their child. Our show premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks and is now heard on over 40 AM stations nationwide. 

Thank you so much for listening to our program.


Jun 21, 2022

David Weiss (known as Flat Earth Dave) appears on the Outer Limits of Inner Truth to share thoughts and observations on why he thinks the earth is not a spinning globe in space. Weiss’ perspective is shared by a growing number of individuals worldwide. There’s even a Flat Earth Society – – OLIT loves asking engaging questions to interesting guests and this particular show will go down as one for the books.