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The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Welcome To The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis

My name is Ryan McCormick, Host & Executive Producer of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Our show is about introspection and exploring consciousness in a fun way.

If Science & Mysticism got married OLIT would be their child. Our show premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks and is now heard on over 40 AM stations nationwide. 

Thank you so much for listening to our program.


Jun 17, 2017

An Introspective Interview With The Legendary George Noory Followed By A Forensic Soul Analysis

George Noory is perhaps best known as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM, where he is heard by millions of listeners on more than 560 stations in the United States, as well as stations in...

Jun 16, 2017


What will happen to your life & your world this year?

Known internationally as "The Rock n Roll Psychic," Andrew Brewer has gained a reputation of being a "flat out clairvoyant", someone able to see auras, chakras, ghosts, past lives, perhaps even your dear late Aunt Petunia. However, the most important element of...

Jun 9, 2017

Are there moral & spiritual lessons in video games?

According to the experts featured in this groundbreaking show, the answer is a resounding YES. Not only can some video games teach players the rewards of altruism but, can help them explore their consciousness and evolve their soul. The Outer Limits of Inner Truth...

Jun 8, 2017


While Nanci Danison was in the afterlife, the author witnessed a documentary-style vision of religious history nestled within the entire life cycle of planet Earth, including Earth’s future destruction. In her book, BACKWARDS Beliefs: Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions provides an incredible peek into...