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The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Welcome To The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis

My name is Ryan McCormick, Host & Executive Producer of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Our show is about introspection and exploring consciousness in a fun way.

If Science & Mysticism got married OLIT would be their child. Our show premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks and is now heard on over 40 AM stations nationwide. 

Thank you so much for listening to our program.


Apr 12, 2018

Barry Cooper (a knight of liberty) was once considered one of America’s top drug agents who worked joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. Military and Border Patrol.

He received specialized training in narcotics interdiction methods such as undercover operations, reversal operations, search warrants, K-9’s...

Mar 28, 2018

Peter Anthony is a producer, International Psychic and Paranormal Investigator, contributing writer for several spiritual magazines across the country, author of Key Master, and a Numerology Life Coach.

The early days of Peter’s career began when he was studying to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Anthony...

Mar 25, 2018

J V Crum III, JD, MBA, became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties

J V is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, certified business coach, licensed attorney, serial entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist on conscious business, and is host of the #1 Ranked “Conscious Millionaire Podcast”, which...

Mar 25, 2018

Today’s Minisode features beloved Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show Virtue, Constance Stellas

Many people know about the pesky planetary pattern which happens three times a year: MERCURY RETROGRADE

What does it mean? Astronomers agree that periodically Mercury appears to go backwards in his orbit. I say appears...

Mar 6, 2018

As Founder of the Anshara Method, Sherry Anshara utilizes her experience and expertise as a Consciousness Expert, Medical Intuitive, and Spiritual Advisor as the foundation to her groundbreaking work with Cellular Memory.

The Anshara Method process is utilized to reveal Cellular Memories that often hold the root cause...